It’s back to school time and you know what that means?

That’s Correct!  A new lineup of DFi Lessons!

This year’s updates are a tremendous step forward as we continue to evolve the program.  We listened to your feedback and made some fundamental changes.   What’s new:

  • The Digital and Substance Use tracks are fully updated.
  • Relationships track will be updated over the next couple of months as we move that track to the new format.
  • New format will cut the lesson lengths in half (by popular demand) allowing Instructors to have more in-class dialogue with students
  • the total Number of lessons thereby doubled.  6th and 9th grades have 2 lessons each; 7th and 8th have 4 lessons each (Digital and Substance Use)
  • We are doubling down on Activities by adding 50% more activities than in the past
  • We are adding more content around Internet Safety and Personal Information safety

One of the biggest differences with DFi is that we update our content annually. We know kids see through old, tired content.  DFi gives you ALWAYS up-to-date content to use with your students.


  • How do I know if I have the latest content?  If you have 2 lessons each – 6th and 9th grades; 4 lessons each for 7th and 8th  (for each Digital and Substance Use) then you have the latest content.
  • I really loved a few things from last year – Can I still access those? Sure – If you don’t have a copy, let us know at and we will get you a link to the content you are looking for.
  • How long are the new courses?  The new courses are designed for 20-25 minutes of presentation.  With questions or dialogue with students, that should last a typical ~40 min class.

Take a spin through the new courses, teach a few and please give us your feedback

Thanks! Look for our email in the next few minutes!