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Free digital citizenship lessons for teachers to help students stay safe online & take control of their digital lives. Designed to keep kids engaged with timely, real-world examples.

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DFI is the only standardized curriculum in the country that teaches kids how to stay safe when using technology.

earn credit

School districts like Colorado’s District 38 are starting to offer continuing education credit for teaching DFI in the classroom.

Built for the classroom

All programs & lessons developed using multimedia content designed to hold kids’ interest with relevant, real-life examples.

updated regularly

Tech changes constantly, and so does the way kids use it. Our lessons are updated regularly to teach kids what they need to know.


Here’s what teachers in Colorado’s District 38 earn by teaching DFI in the classroom:


Module Credits
Parent Academy & Victimology 0.25
Digital Citizenship 0.5
Relationships 0.5
Substance Use 0.5

Drugs, Devices and Social-Emotional Learning Are All Connected

What the latest research tells us about emotional intelligence & teen substance use. From the Winter 2018 edition of NASRO’s School Safety publication.

Who uses DFI?

Here are just a few of the hundreds of schools who teach DFI’s digital citizenship curriculum.


Taught Digital Citizenship to 8th grade. Students were captivated…”

“Great material. I really hope more folks adopt this curriculum!”

“Amazing info. Cannot wait to take it back home to our SRO’s.”

“I love the content. It’s easy to teach and more relevant than most materials I have seen.”

“The slides are very easy to read and the pictures help keep the students’ attention.”

“This is a good spot to send SRO’s for resources.”

“Teachers love this program and request these presentations.”

“Appreciated the hands-on and group activities!”

“The Parent Academy is always a big hit!”

“Students who did vape stopped due to presentation…”

“Families contacted me and advised they had been talking about class at home…”

“The structure and content are easy to follow.”

Your program has got to be the best in the industry!”

“Today’s children need this more than ever.”

“We are very fortunate to have access to this curriculum.”

“Teachers and parents are excited that there is meaningful curriculum offered to teenagers.”

“This curriculum needs to be in every school.”

“An amazing resource.”

“[A] valuable way to connect with students…”

“Fantastic! Informative and applicable for today’s culture.”

“DFI lesson plans are easy to use!”

“Great info! So important to talk about.”

“[A] real eye opener for students…”

“Thank you so much for providing such amazing resources!!!”

Children today need this more than ever.”

“I like the practical examples.”

“DFI’s curriculum is designed in a way to keep kids engaged…”

“I plan on using this information for parents and staff within my school.”

“Highly engaging and participatory.”

“The program has had a good effect on the family. Great information to get discussions started at home.”

“The lessons have played a huge role in keeping our school as drug free as possible.”

“Best program I have ever used. I’ve been an SRO for 15 years and a NASRO Instructor for the last 5.”

“THANK YOU for the amazing curriculum that is 100% free!”


See why teachers in all 50 states turn to DFI to help kids gain control of their digital lives. Our curriculum keeps kids engaged with fresh, relevant content that speaks to the real life issues they face.



digital citizenship

The importance of being emotionally intelligent, having self-value over online perfection comparisons, and understanding the issues digital media creates.

substance use

Describes the impact drugs have on a child’s life & how drug industries target children. Teaches students to manage their feelings without relying on drugs.


Get teens to cultivate healthy relationships while focusing on kindness. Bullying, harassment, sexual harassment and dating abuse are also covered.

distracted driving

Teach students the dangers of distracted driving & how to focus when behind the wheel. Encourages teens not to use devices while driving.

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Learn the latest research to help kids & teens navigate today’s high-tech threats & take control of their digital lives. Updated regularly.