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Every day, DFI’s digital citizenship curriculum is taught in hundreds of classrooms across the country. Maybe it’s because we’re a group of parents, educators, and law enforcement officials who have all been brought together by a common goal: to help kids thrive in today’s high-tech world.



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childhood is changing


Teens say anxiety is a major problem


16 & 17 year olds admit to texting while driving


Young people see bullying in school

Sources: 1. Pew Research Center, “Most U.S. Teens See Anxiety and Depression as a Major Problem Among Their Peers.” 2. AAA, “SURVEY: TEENS ADMIT RISKY BEHAVIORS INCLUDING ‘TEXTING’ WHILE DRIVING.” 3. Johns Hopkins University, “Bullying and peer victimization at school: Perceptual differences between students and school staff.”

What we cover

See why thousands of parents, educators, and members of law enforcement in all 50 states turn to DFI to help kids make better life decisions. Our curriculum is updated regularly with the latest findings to help kids make smart decisions about the role technology plays in their lives.



girl on pc

digital citizenship

The importance of being emotionally intelligent, having self-value over online perfection comparisons, and understanding the issues digital media creates.

substanceuse background programs

substance use

Describes the impact drugs have on a child’s life & how drug industries target children. Teaches students to manage their feelings without relying on drugs.



Get teens to cultivate healthy relationships while focusing on kindness. Bullying, harassment, sexual harassment and dating abuse are also covered.

distracted driving

distracted driving

Teach students the dangers of distracted driving & how to focus when behind the wheel. Encourages teens not to use devices while driving.

mom daughter computer

parent academy

Built to help busy parents understand the role technology plays in their kids’ lives— and what smart families can do about it.


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What I like most is the consistency of the information across the courses, and the notes and outlines to teach the classes as they are supposed to be taught.

I had an 8th grade student who reported to her parents that she was being abused by her high school boyfriend. She told her parents that she sat in my class and became aware that she was being victimized and what was occurring- She was able to get help in time… Knowledge is power!!!

I have had several students say that they are happier online and feel more in control after realizing how the apps work and how they are designed be addictive and keep them engaged.

So important with the emotional intelligence ties throughout the curriculum

We teach some substance abuse curriculum, but primarily focus on socio-emotional curriculums. This program really helps us focus upstream, working with students well before identified problems occur.

This is extremely relevant information for what today’s youth and parents are facing

Following a DFi class, a student reported a sex offender attempt to contact them on line resulting in an arrest

Following the lessons, Kids were more aware of the possibility of their future been affected as a result of digital residue they were creating now. Their attitudes and awareness have changed.

Students have shared experiences they learned in class. One particular student actually had an online predator attempt to lure her. Because of the lessons, she realized what was happening and got help.

A parent told me she was going to stop using the phone when her kids were home. She said her kids were losing time with her because of her addiction. She said her kids fight less and there is more peace in the home since she put her phone and computer away at home.

The lessons have played a huge role in keeping our school as drug free as possible. I had 4 students report drug cases in 1 week which seems to be attributed to their knowledge and awareness gained from the substance curriculum

It is all at your fingertips (statistics/videos/etc.), well done all around

Several students compliment me every time I teach this program. When is the last time that happened to you?

I contniue to have positive input / feedback from students, parents and staff about the impact of DFi at our school

We have recorded lower vaping, sexting and bullying issues as a result of this program in our school.

I use the resources for parents almost daily. It has been extremely helpful / useful.

I appreicate the standardized curriculum with current videos.

The most benefit I’ve seen has been for parents in our school district. I’m also working with our superintendent on implementing this programming district wide for the 20/21 school year.

I feel that the substance abuse lesson is a good way for us to provide factual information to students regardless of where they are on the use scale. For students who don’t use, it’s a way to solidify their decision to abstain from it. For those students who do use, it’s a way for them to have honest facts so that they can be safe and smart going forward.

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