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anxiety is the new norm

In 1985, 18 percent of teens said they suffered from overwhelming anxiety. By 2016 that number had surged to 41 percent.

cyberbullying has exploded

Cyberbullying has almost doubled over the last 10 years. 59% of US teens have received intimidating, threatening or nasty messages online.


Children get exposed to porn as early as 5 years old. Add a smartphone into the mix, and sexting isn’t far behind. 

Addicted to Technology

Over half of US teens say they are addicted to the internet, saying they cannot function on a daily basis without it.

teens driving distracted

Cell phone use is involved in 78% of all distracted driving and 64% of all accidents in the US— a massive increase over previous years.

lack of empathy

70% of youth lack emotional intelligence because they’re talking to devices instead of other people. Studies show that prolonged screen time directly reduces a teen’s emotional intelligence.

Have your Students gain more awareness and be safer on the internet and their devices.

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resources for parents

Set your kids up for success. Download our free resources & help your kids take control of their digital lives.

Proactive Parenting Plan

Help your children succeed with our plan for parents.

Family Device Agreement

Give children clear rules about how they use devices.

Parents Tech Controls

Keep your kids safe online with our easy-to-use guide

DFI in Your Child's School

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Protect Phone Content

These apps help protect your pictures & other data.

App & Website Directory

Parent’s guide to the apps & sites trying to reach your kids

The Truth About Vaping

Think Vaping is harmless? Get the facts with our handy 1-sheet.

Kids & Marijuana

Learn how the newly-legalized marijuana is targeting kids with our free 1-sheet.

The Facts about Device Use

Get the facts on kids & devices. Start here with our fact sheet.

Quickstart guide to quality remote classroom experiences

Not all remote learning solutions are created the same. Here is our list of which apps are safe for kids—and which ones you should avoid.


See why thousands of parents, educators, and members of law enforcement in all 50 states turn to DFI to help kids make better life decisions. Our curriculum is updated regularly with the latest findings to help kids make smart decisions about the role technology plays in their lives.



mom daughter computer

parent academy

Built to help busy parents understand the role technology plays in their kids’ lives— and what smart families can do about it.

girl on pc

digital citizenship

The importance of being emotionally intelligent, having self-value over online perfection comparisons, and understanding the issues digital media creates.

substanceuse background programs

substance use

Describes the impact drugs have on a child’s life & how drug industries target children. Teaches students to manage their feelings without relying on drugs.



Get teens to cultivate healthy relationships while focusing on kindness. Bullying, harassment, sexual harassment and dating abuse are also covered.

distracted driving

distracted driving

Teach students the dangers of distracted driving & how to focus when behind the wheel. Encourages teens not to use devices while driving.

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