Free content for SRO’s to teach kids digital citizenship. Help kids take control over their lives with the only standardized curriculum developed for School Resource Officers by School Resource Officers.

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The only standardized, evidence-based curriculum in the country teaching kids practical ways to stay safe when using technology.

official training

DFI curriculum is part of NASRO’s BASIC training program & will soon be part of their ADVANCED program.

built for sro's by sro's

All programs use the teaching practices developed by Deputy Jay Martin, who has over 20 years in curriculum development.

updated annually

Tech changes constantly, and so does the way kids use it. Lessons are updated each year so you can teach students what they really need to know.

Have your Students gain more awareness and be safer on the internet and their devices.

Take lessons in-class or give as homework.


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In 2009, former D.A.R.E. Officer of the Year, Deputy Jay Martin, was asked to help children manage their digital lives. The goal: to build a program to educate youth about the internet & smartphone use, substance abuse, building positive relationships and staying safe online.

His work expanded to a nationally recognized program which became Digital Futures Initiative, where Martin serves as Director of Training and Curriculum.


See why members of law enforcement in all 50 states turn to DFI to help kids make better life decisions. Our curriculum helps School Resource Officers keep kids engaged with fresh, relevant content that speaks to the real life issues they face.



girl on pc

digital citizenship

The importance of being emotionally intelligent, having self-value over online perfection comparisons, and understanding the issues digital media creates.

substanceuse background programs

substance use

Describes the impact drugs have on a child’s life & how drug industries target children. Teaches students to manage their feelings without relying on drugs.



Get teens to cultivate healthy relationships while focusing on kindness. Bullying, harassment, sexual harassment and dating abuse are also covered.

distracted driving

distracted driving

Teach students the dangers of distracted driving & how to focus when behind the wheel. Encourages teens not to use devices while driving.

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parent academy

Built to help busy parents understand the role technology plays in their kids’ lives— and what smart families can do about it.

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DFi Presents at the International School Safety Institute on Teen Culture

The first step in keeping our schools safe is raising empathetic, emotionally-aware kids.

Drugs, Devices and Social-Emotional Learning Are All Connected

What the latest research tells us about emotional intelligence & teen substance use. From the Winter 2018 edition of NASRO’s School Safety publication.


Here are just a few of the hundreds of law enforcement organizations who use DFI in the classroom.


We have a very low percentage of vape offenders compared to other local schools. We run DFi’s Substance Use program here.

The program and the subsequent interaction with the kids help to build a strong bond in the school community between students, staff and LE.

I had a student who was selling vape pens and getting into vaping because of of skate culture. After the Substance Use class he has changed his perspective and to my and his parents knowledge has stopped messing with vapes

Students were attentive in class and asked questions (actually had many students come up and say they learned something)

Students have referenced the lessons taught when reporting to their parents or school administrators.

I appreicate the standardized curriculum with current videos.

We had less referrals to our agency for bullying/ peer related issues.

This is the first year teaching DFI. As the School Resource Officer and this only being my first year at the school, Iunderstand they are experiencing less issues over social media than last year.

We are having lower amounts of reported bullying as a result of the program

After teaching the DFI program for a year, we have had a decrease in cyber-bullying reports.

It is all at your fingertips (statistics/videos/etc.), well done all around

Thank you for your efforts putting this together. I believe digital citizenship is likely the largest contributing factor affecting student behaviors in our schools and communities today. These programs nailed it!

Since starting the DFI program in our schools, we have noticed better relationship with students and a decrease in crimes as covered in the programs.

I believe that it made a difference but it is hard for us to measure

Great updated information. I’ve seen the greatest impact on my parents as they have been unaware of most of the information.

As a benefit, I’ve noticed significant Student growth and knowledge on these topics

From our Parent Academies, I’ve noticed an Increased awareness of parents to be more involved with devices

Several students compliment me every time I teach this program. When is the last time that happened to you?

The lessons are a great format and the videos and slides are well done and useful

I recently was referred to your site by another SRO in the area and I just wanted to let you know that I’m impressed with the content.  I’m hoping to complete the trainings and implement them into the district and I look forward to adding these lessons to my tool box.

Many kids are shocked when they here about some of the stories pertaining to digital citizenship. Your real life stories really help kids understand how they can make better decisions..

I love the distracted driving lesson. The digital citizenship lesson is great too

With DFI, we have definitely noticed more students reporting sexting initially but a strong decrease in sexting cases as the year went on.

The teachers love it and positive feedback from the kids.

The lessons are up-to-date and very relevant information shared in the context of the students’ world and language.

We teach some substance abuse curriculum, but primarily focus on socio-emotional curriculums. This program really helps us focus upstream, working with students well before identified problems occur.

I believe the vaping info was very useful in explaining the dangers where there were little to none perceived beforehand.

The lessons are packaged up really well. It’s everything you need to be successful in the classroom.

I feel that the substance abuse lesson is a good way for us to provide factual information to students regardless of where they are on the use scale. For students who don’t use, it’s a way to solidify their decision to abstain from it. For those students who do use, it’s a way for them to have honest facts so that they can be safe and smart going forward.

Through ICAC, we instruct SROs who have to use this curriculum. We are able to teach them and then let them use these programs consistently across the disctirct saving them prep time and keeping everyone up to date.

Online Training is a Great Resource! Takes the guesswork out of the best way to teach these lessons.

We have seen an increase in perception of risk in all areas as a result of the Substance Use program

We tested DFI alongside the Curriculum – I find that DFI is more realistic for our students and addresses issues in a realistic manner

It has opened the door to a lot more questions on the subjects between the students and myself.

A success story for me happened during a presentation when a student voiced his disagreement with one of the slides about addiction. He worded the disagreement in a very straightforward way and it allowed us to have a dialogue about the slide. He was able to bring “hypothetical” examples up and I could counter them with facts and research. I don’t think this student had ever been in a position to voice his opinion about this and to have an honest conversation about it, especially with a police officer. This student and I continued to have an honest and respectful relationship after the training and I think the training opportunity really helped with that.

Benefits after implementing the DFi Progam across our schools: Better rapport with kids and parents after teaching. Victims (students) are reporting now. Parents are providing intel to officers. Parents are given the courage/knowledge and tools to have open conversations with their kids. Teachers also love the time to plan additional activities and build the message on the lessons throughout further instruction.

I have a lot of students tell me they were asked by someone online to send nude photos and they did not because of my lessons.

Students have shared experiences they learned in class. One particular student actually had an online predator attempt to lure her. Because of the lessons, she realized what was happening and got help.

I get a lot of positive feedback from parents after the parent academy

Relevant and current material. Thank you

I like the fresh perspective to teach from and the visuals.

I teach this to a lot of different classes and the Teachers and Admin are all happy with presentations – and it’s relevant to students – who all love it too

This is impactful! Some of our students who had parents that vape asked to share the information with their families and educated them on the dangers.