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Devices, Internet and Social Media are re-defining the way our children learn, engage, interact, explore and mature. This is the playbook to help kids thrive in today’s high-tech world.

See why members of law enforcement in all 50 states turn to DFI to help kids make better life decisions. Our curriculum helps School Resource Officers keep kids engaged with fresh, relevant content that speaks to the real life issues they face.



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digital citizenship

The importance of being emotionally intelligent, having self-value over online perfection comparisons, and understanding the issues digital media creates.

substanceuse background programs

substance use

Describes the impact drugs have on a child’s life & how drug industries target children. Teaches students to manage their feelings without relying on drugs.



Get teens to cultivate healthy relationships while focusing on kindness. Bullying, harassment, sexual harassment and dating abuse are also covered.

distracted driving

distracted driving

Teach students the dangers of distracted driving & how to focus when behind the wheel. Encourages teens not to use devices while driving.

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parent academy

Built to help busy parents understand the role technology plays in their kids’ lives— and what smart families can do about it.

Today, our technically advanced world requires its citizens to have a reasonable level of digital competence in order to function. With balance, technology opens our children to amazing opportunities. Without balance and the proper guidance kids can lose self-worth/esteem, become isolated and depressed, engage in more risky behaviors, and be more disposed to external risks including bullying, online predators and grooming that leads to more extreme behaviors including violence.

Additionally, since kids are more connected to their devices, the have become less connected to each other. This lack of in-person, repetitive human interactions in our adolescence – to practice the soft skills that make up emotional intelligence (skills like empathy, self-awareness, collaboration, coping mechanisms and critical thinking) means that our kids are unable to process challenges psychologically in the same way that generations of past were able to. The game is changing for our kids, but the instructions to play are simply not keeping up.

Parents, Schools and Communities lack a consistent approach or a playbook on how to raise modern, digital children, leaving kids ill-prepared to cope, be resilient, have tolerance and be accepting. Simply put, they lack the life skills to succeed in today’s world.

DFi combines the skills and knowledge of digital along with emotional intelligence skills to create the most complete package of modern life skills needed for today’s children. The content herein is organized by Program (Parent Academy, Digital Citizenship, Relationships and Distracted Driving), where each Program Area consists of a progressive set of lessons that introduces topics in elementary and early middle school, then re-emphasizes and extends the details as students get older. Each lesson is comprised of the actual media that are used in class, presenter’s notes – what the lesson is about, key learnings that need to be covered, activities that you can do with your classes and provides a “style” as an example of an effective way to deliver these messages in a way that kids will accept and internalize the messages. In effect, every-thing an instructor needs to successfully teach these concepts to kids, regardless of personal digital competence, is included.

There are 23 lessons across elementary, middle and high school to address:
1. Digital Citizenship – Digital Brand, Emotional Intelligence, Digital Literacy, Critical Thinking
2. Teen Relationships – Bullying, Harassment (Sexual), Dating Abuse, Healthy Relationships
3. Substance Use – Substance Use, Vaping & Their Effects on Brain & Life
4. Distracted Driving – Responsibility of Driving & Effects of Multi-tasking
5. Parent Academies – Digital Citizenship, Relationships & Drug Trends from Parent Perspective

Our goal is to synthesize the approach, information, activities and proven learning styles to create a super-easy, consistent way for any instructor to have the confidence to teach students knowing that the content, methods and results are world-class, proven and the most effective Programs available anywhere in the world today.