How to download our new curriculum

We’ve updated all of DFI’s curriculum to cover the latest trends & findings to help kids take control of their digital lives. Every slide and every voiceover has been completely updated for over 17 hours of new classroom content.

Current instructors can download the new presentations for free. Follow the steps below to get started:




Get your new classroom content

1. Log into your DFI learning platform here.

2. Click on the My Trainings icon on the left to see your completed courses.

3. On the next screen, click on the download icon of the updated lesson you want.

4. Your Certificate of Completion for that class will download to your computer. On it, you’ll see a link to download the new presentation.

That’s it!


You now have DFi’s fully-updated curriculum. We hope you find it a powerful resource in the classroom as you help kids take control of their lives. And while you’re at it, check out our brand-new 1-sheets. They cover topics like vaping, kids & marijuana, and family device use.

If you have any comments or questions, drop us a line at: or post it in our Facebook group. And thanks for all you do!

DFi’s Jay Martin teaching at the National Association of School Resource Officers, 2019

Digital Futures Initiative (DFi)

DFi’s mission is to empower educators, parents and communities with informative, useful resources and solutions to help guide today’s digitally-connected youth on making better decisions, mitigating digital threats and using the power of digital, mobile and social media for their benefit.

DFi provides the necessary tools and training programs for educators, law enforcement (SRO’s) and parents to help them instruct kids on safer, more responsible internet and mobile use, and to better manage specific problems that can arise—including cyberbullying, sexting, online predators, substance use, loss of emotional intelligence, distracted driving and more.

Digital Futures Initiative (DFi) was created to deliver digital life skills to students and parents in an innovative, consistent way. Lessons are designed by curating the best and most current content available in the world and the curriculum is made available for FREE to any school, county or group who needs it. The program includes all of the self-paced online training, powerpoints, images, videos, presenter’s notes, and in-class activities that are needed to start teaching digital citizenship in your classrooms today.

To sign up simply go to and register as a new user after that use as many of the lessons that you need.

Thanks! Look for our email in the next few minutes!