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We have exciting news! The world’s first real-time 2020 Child Online Safety Index (COSI) was released today by our friends over at the DQ Institute.

The Child Online Safety Index is the world’s first real-time analytic platform to help nations see the status of their children’s online safety. By being linked with DQ assessment tools and its global database, the COSI will be automatically updated as nations progress with their initiatives to improve child online safety. Through the index, each country will be able to identify areas of improvement based on a standardized global benchmark.

After surveying nearly 150,000 children and adolescents in 30 countries over the last three years, DQ found that almost two thirds of children aged 8-12 are exposed to one or more forms of cyber risk. This amounts to a global cyber pandemic.

Countries can now identify areas of improvement for their children’s online safety & target those areas by deploying the right programs and initiatives. The COSI will be automatically updated as each country makes progress with their goals. Child online safety and digital citizenship can now be done in a standardized manner all around the world.

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