We provide training programs for instructors and parents on how to educate kids on issues that can arise from irresponsible internet use, including harassment, cyberbullying, loss of emotional intelligence, substance use, distracted driving and more.

Lack of responsible digital use and knowledge can lead to more dangerous situations for today’s youth, which, if not caught, can result in human trafficking and domestic violence. Our programs help instructors and parents lead children in a positive direction and away from digital threats.

Our Programs

Developed by a dedicated team of educators and law enforcement over eight years and tested with 20,000+ students, our programs are specially designed to guide today’s digital natives—elementary, middle and high school students—on smart, responsible internet use.


Meet The Team

As digital leaders, Marc and Jason had been helping out friends, neighbors and colleagues with ad-hoc, one-off discussions, presentations and advice around digital citizenship and internet safety. They have presented to countless companies, schools, neighborhood meetings, churches, and more over the past decade. It was clear there was a gap in knowledge, know-how and quality researched material.

In 2013, they discovered a program designed by the Douglas County (CO) Sheriff’s office that was the most progressive approach they had seen anywhere in the world at the time and used their curriculum (Youth Education and Safety in Schools) as the foundation for DFi.

Together, they assembled the expertise, platforms and skills to create the foundation of this effort, expanded the methodology, content and curriculum and launched it nationally. The program today is still provided at no cost to any state, school district or school who can use it.

Marc Meyer
CMO / Co-Founder
As a parent and one of the early adopters and proponents of social media, Marc has seen the generational growth of “social” platforms from a unique perspective. He’s seen the emergence of children as digital natives, and the evolution of parents and instructors as digital immigrants. Through that lens, Marc realized that there was a gap in acumen, understanding and proper usage. He knew that something was needed, and Jason Breed felt the same way. Together they created DFI.
Jason Breed
President / Co-Founder
With over 18 years corporate experience in digital transformation, Jason has witnessed many strong business leaders struggle to adapt to technology and keep up with the pace of change that is required today. As a parent of three children who are digital natives, he has seen the education system struggle to keep up with the impacts of technology and he knows firsthand the challenges associated it. Jason’s goal is for DFI to lead the charge in teaching responsible digital use; bringing the best information available to students and parents, and helping them prepare for and make more informed decisions in an ever changing digital world.
Deputy Jay Martin
Director of Training and Curriculum
Deputy Jay Martin is a teacher by degree (12 years teaching 2nd to 12th grades) and a Deputy (15 years in law enforcement) by trade. In 2009, he was tasked by the Sheriff of the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office in Castle, Rock, Colorado to aid in creating a program beyond substance abuse to include digital technology and teen relationships. Recognized nationally in 2012, the Youth Education and Safety in Schools program (Y.E.S.S.) is the foundation of DFI today. Jay now leads the development and instruction of all DFI programs and lessons.
Mark Newcomer
Board Member
Mark is a business and brand strategist with over 15 years of experience across market research firms, digital agencies, and management consultancies. Mark is currently the Chief Strategy Officer at Mirum Agency (a WPP company). Along with the founding team of DFi, Mark believes that we need to be more proactive in how we help our youth navigate a complex and fast changing digital environment. This will take a collective effort across educators, school resources officers, community leaders, and more. Mark helps support marketing and growth efforts and is a member of the DFi board.