DFI’s goal for instructors is to have a baseline understanding of the power of digital, mobile and social media on elementary, middle and high school students. Our tools and resources will help you identify issues and guide today’s youth on responsible, smart and positive internet use.


Our certification process allows instructors to implement our lessons about smart digital use in their schools. Complete these free self-paced courses in a few hours or less to get access to all of our tools and resources, and start making a difference today.

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Quick Tips

Explore some of our quick tips to help you guide your students on making positive digital decisions that ultimately promote mutual respect and understanding, and how to spot signs that a student may be in trouble.

Instruct your students on distinguishing between digital articles, ads and photos with these four tips:

  1. Determine who created the message
  2. Determine for whom it was produced
  3. Determine why it was made
  4. Photo recognition—what, where, when and timing

Clues a student’s relationships may be in trouble:

  1. Constant phone calls
  2. Having to report where they are and what they’re doing
  3. Signs of physical abuse
  4. Signs of depression

Questions to ask your students about when they’re online at home:

  1. WILL your guidance establish good or bad choices and habits?
  2. WHO are they speaking with?
  3. WHAT are they viewing and visiting?
  4. WHEN are they on devices?
  5. HOW are they conducting themselves?

Look for these signs as a sign of substance use:

  1. Behavioral issues
  2. Mood and personality shifts
  3. Hygiene & appearance problems
  4. Health changes
  5. School and work concerns


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